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Directors Collective, Picture Day

Who are we? We're designers. We're artists. We're thinkers and makers. We work together to solve design problems large and small.

We share common interests in art and culture, but truth is we've each got our own views. Over dim sum and deep-fried meals we discuss, disagree, and learn from one another with hope of creating something more. We're the Directors Collective—Providing much needed direction since 2013.











Joe is a visual artist trained in photography and printmaking. He also has a master's degree in communications and cultural studies with a focus on urban festivals and curatorial practice. By day he works with museums around the world as an exhibition planner and cultural consultant. By night he's dreaming up future projects and writing about art and culture. An enemy of boredom, Joe is the only true extrovert in the Collective. He lives in Toronto and loves cruisin' the streets on his single-speed commuter bike, affectionately named Hoju.

As a designer, Jacqueline's love for creating began at a very young age when food was her medium and the tablecloth was her canvas. Trained in architecture, fine art history, and graphic design, Jacqueline's hope was to become a well-rounded designer. Since her college days, Jacqueline has amassed over seven years of professional experience in multiple design disciplines including: wayfinding and signage, exhibition and event design, environmental graphics, branding, and interior design. When she's not at work, Jacqueline is baking up a storm in her kitchen. Baking keeps her meticulous while providing her with another medium to express herself.

Lief studies informatics, interaction design, cultural studies, and human geography. He has worked in museum management and cultural planning, and for various initiatives that promote equity and community development. His research interests lie at the intersections of culture, technology, health, and community development. He’s currently a researcher at the Community-Based Research Centre in Vancouver, where he is examining social determinants of health. He’s a techie, proud introvert, and a total fantasy and sci-fi nerd (so say we all!). He loves cooking, being a foodie, and target practice with his recurve bow.

Sarah studied visual arts, environmental studies, and collections management; she works as a museum planner based in Toronto. Her focus is on public art and community engagement—areas in which her passion for contemporary art and issues of public space come to the fore. Sarah is interested in how people come together to accomplish great things, and translating these learnings into useful systems for organizations large and small. She cares about the details as much as the big picture, and manages tasks and projects with group success in mind. Currently on a hiatus from her role as an instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Sarah keeps busy by reading, planning various art projects, and finding new ways to avoid working out.

Trained as an architect and practicing as an artist and designer, Vesna seeks novel and critical ways to re-frame everyday public interactions and experiences through interventions in the built environment and the organization of participatory events and performances. In short, Vesna is less concerned with making *things* than making things/spaces *happen*. Past projects include a micro-public play space in Casablanca (2009), an all-night birthday party for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche (2010), and an urban “carpet” of reclaimed rail sections for the City of Hamilton (2012). Vesna lives, works, teaches (and plays tennis) in Toronto.

Interested in working with us? Here's what we do: Creative Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Web Development, Public Art, Photography, Writing, and Project Management. Oh, we also cook and bake just as well as we design.

Picture Day at Nuit Blanche

Picture Day

Ladies and Gents. It's that time of the year again—the City of Toronto is hosting Nuit Blanche and it’s Picture Day! Join us at the Gladstone Hotel, Room 214, on October 5th, 2013, from dusk til dawn.

Were you the keener nerd whose parents made you dress up for school picture day? Or the princess who couldn’t wait to wear your new dress with matching ribbon combo? Or were you the absentminded kid who forgot about picture day altogether?!?

Picture Day is a project about the human need to commemorate. It’s a celebration of the rituals and banal moments that, in time, might be suffused with newfound meaning.

We’ll be taking class photos all night—wear your best outfit and bring your best smile! Come on over to the Gladstone Hotel and commemorate another "moment" in the year!

Tremendous thank you's to all our friends who’ve given us generous helping hands: Justin Aranha, Hilary Chan, Rochelle Chung, Stuart Evans, Veeral Gandhi, Hisayo Horie, Cathy Leekam, Amanda Lemos, Phil Ma, Jason Ma, Kenneth Montague, Zoe Morawetz, David Neilson, the folks at Ryerson Community School, and the Gladstone Hotel.